As I have said before, narcs and sociopaths are just about one and the same. In the website 10 FAQ by James Roberts, both have: 1. Lack of remorse. 2. Artificial charm. 3. Liars. 4. Very intelligent. 5. Manipulative. 6. Have unreasonable expectations. 7. No long relationships. 8. Spontaneous. 9. Lack of love or fake love. 10. Highly competitive.

Neither narc nor sociopath have remorse for anything they say or do. They will call you fat, stupid, or anything else that crosses his or her mind then want to make love 5 minutes later. Acting as if nothing happened.

They have artificial charm that they turn on at the beginning to draw you in and once you’re hooked they show their true colors.

They are also very intelligent and know how to set their traps and hook their prey. Once hooked, they know how to hold onto them.

They are liars and they lie so much that they believe their own lies. Even things that don’t have to be lied about they lie about. They will do it right in front of you knowing that you know it is a lie. Why? Because they know you won’t call them out on it because you don’t want to hear the rage that comes with it.

Both are manipulative and will manipulate the situation or person until they get their way. If they don’t have control, they aren’t happy. They control the conversation, situation, and you.

They both have unreasonable expectations. Example: one works all day while the other stays home. Yet, the one who stays home expects the one who works to do the housework, recycle, laundry, etc. He smells the recycle and if it has the faintest smell he makes her rewash it.

Most have not had a relationship of over 5 years but there are exceptions to the rule especially if children are in the mix.

Both can be too spontaneous causing a financial crisis. Either expensive vacations or impulsive buying.

Because you have to love yourself to love others, both have a lack of love or fake love for others.

He or she is highly competitive over the smallest of things. From games, to drinking, to keeping up with the Jones’s.

They both exploit others for personal gain. Example: they may date someone of the opposite sex that he or she isn’t attracted to just for material gain.

Both will constantly correct others coming off as a know it all and a conversation hogger. They don’t follow etiquette rules. Or any rules for that matter.

Both are nervous, anxious, agitated and prone to anger and rages. Their #1 question is “What can you do for me?” They love to play the blame game. Everything is someone else’s fault. Before you get into a relationship with a narcopath know what you’re getting into. Love and light.

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I am a published author on dementia and a survivor of narcissistic abuse. This site is designed to help you identify narcissists and their trademarks and the pitfalls to avoid.

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