Magnet and Steel

As I have stated earlier, I seem to be a narc magnet. From relationships to bosses. I had two narc bosses back to back who were married to each other. The female was there first and as long as her orders were followed to the letter and she always got gifts for holidays and birthdays she was manageable. I watched their rotten ass dog when they went out of town which upset my household with my dogs but I wanted to stay in her good graces.

She begged him to marry her and boy was that a mistake. He went back and forth and finally asked her. He cheated on his first wife with whom he had a son and they hated each other. They only communicated when it was about their son. The Male boss couldn’t keep a job so his wife, who was there first, quit and recommended him since it was easier for her to find a job being less of an asshole than he.

When he came my job became impossible. He was not only full of himself but he expected his employees to literally worship him. If he had a meeting outside of the facility his line was “don’t cry until I’m back. I will be back!” He had his favorites and those like me that he picked on daily. He would yell and curse at me daily I’m front of my colleagues and thank God he fired so many people that when I sued the facility for harrassment, they were willing to testify in my favor. I won. It didn’t help that he liked the woman under me and she wasn’t keen on me so they had little meetings to bash me. He put me on an improvement plan that would have been impossible to fix in the time he expected it to be. The bad part was he chastised me for things his wife had told me to do but she denied.

He frequently made fun of unattractive or heavy women who worked there and everyone was scared for their job. When I quit with no notice, he hired his buddy from a rival business. It is my belief that he is a closet gay. The only people he can get along with are men. He and the female boss were only married about two years.

She caught him cheating two hours from home before they were married but she married him anyway. He was seen by many others out with other women always younger than him and subordinate to him. She always made an excuse for him. She even gave her kids to an alcoholic ex husband because he didn’t like them. When he was finished with her she was a wreck. She needed a therapist and a month at a spa. Of course she was used to taking very good care of herself. She had had a boob job and a body lift before she met him.

She had a hysterectomy while they were married so at least she didnt have any kids with the SOB. However, karma has a way of getting even. He ended up with a bowel disease that requires steroids. He has gained a massive amount of weight and his face is so bloated he is almost unrecognizable. He looks so bad he took his profile off of social media. Sometimes what goes around, comes around in the most curious of ways. Love and light.

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I am a published author on dementia and a survivor of narcissistic abuse. This site is designed to help you identify narcissists and their trademarks and the pitfalls to avoid.

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