He Ain’t My Brother, He’s A Narc

I believe my mother is a narcissist . I know my brother is and they are like oil and water. My brother blames my parents for everything from having to help my dad chop wood on Saturday when he was a teenager to my mom buying him the wrong color tennis shoes. He has over the years bilked them out of thousands of dollars for legal fees. They have given him cars and property and in return he has bodily assaulted them both choking my mother almost into unconsciousness just last week.

He’s a drug addict who has had almost every bone broken in his body d/t driving under the influence. Threatened to kill everybody in the family, and up until him almost killing my mother last week, she wouldn’t file charges against him. Partly because she’s afraid of him. Now, however, she has finally decided he’s gone too far. However, unless he goes to prison she and my father have to live with the risk of his retaliation as he has threatened to burn ther house down.

Over the years my brother has shot holes in their ceiling, put a loaded gun in my mother’s mouth while she was sleeping, ripped the phone lines out of their house, thrown a hassock through the window, and multiple other vandalism and terrorism acts. Adult Protective Services has done nothing. So should narcissistic abuse/terrorism be illegal? I absolutely believe that if a fuel source fears for his or her safety d/t a narcs treatment of them the narc should be picked up.

Just like the guy who left his girlfriend at the casino without a dime to her name. She should have been able to tell security what happened and a police officer should have taken her home. Because she was over 60 and he was under, she should have been able to press charges for abandonment. If these assholes have to start being accountable for the way they treat others maybe they’ll think twice.

My parents are in their 80’s and live in a small town. There is no routine police patrolling and I live 8 hours away. My sister lives close but my brother has also threatened her and vandalized her property. Will it take him actually killing my parents before he is put away? His feelings of entitlement, his abuse of everyone in his life, his manipulation of my parents as well as the abuse of them are all illegal yet no one will do anything. I believe that when a narcissist gets to the point of where he is ruining lives, it is time for forced counseling. We have the capacity to GPS where cell phones are being used from and can read texts from a cheaters phone. Why can’t we force someone into therapy who is dangerous to society? Be blessed. Love and light.

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I am a published author on dementia and a survivor of narcissistic abuse. This site is designed to help you identify narcissists and their trademarks and the pitfalls to avoid.

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